Supporting Your Cardiovascular Health When Fulfilling New Year Resolutions

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12 Feb 2020

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Many of us make resolutions and aim to fulfil them in the new year. Some of us may set goals to improve our physical health, for example to exercise more or lose weight. It usually involves getting your heart pumping & putting your cardiovascular system to work.

In addition to a healthy diet, there are certain supplements which can give that little extra support to easier achieve such goals.


Berberine is an alkaloid chemical compound with a strong yellow color. It’s documented use as a health remedy suggests it was used in China already around 3,000 BC [1].

Modern research has observed berberine to have beneficial effects for the health of the cardiovascular & metabolic systems [2]*:

In addition to the above, berberine has also been shown to possess liver-protective [6] & anti-bacterial properties [7].

Berberine occurs naturally in Chinese goldthread (Coptis chinensis), which is a cornerstone ingredient in our BerberinEx™ formula.* Read more about BerberinEx™ in our catalogue.

AcuIntegra BerberinEx™ - Berberine supplement

Our BerberineEx™ formula is a balanced combination of herbs designed to support healthy blood glucose & lipid levels.*


Red Sage

Sage (Salvia) may be a familiar sight in the kitchen, where its leaves can add delicious flavor to e.g. fish dishes. It’s lesser known cousin, Red sage (Chinese sage, or Salvia miltiorrhiza) is on the other hand more prominent in the medicine cabinet. 

Native to China & Japan with purple leaves, it has featured for centuries as a remedy for cardiovascular issues in traditional Chinese herbal medicine under the name danshen [1].

Salvia miltiorrhiza has been studied in a modern, clinical context over the past decades, not least in regard to its beneficial effects on cardiovascular health [8,9]*:

We have included Salvia miltiorrhiza in our NO MAXX™ formula because of its potential support to health of the  cardiovascular system.* Read more about NO MAXX™ in our catalogue.

AcuIntegra's NO MAXX™ cardiovascular support formula

Our NO MAXX™ formula contains Salvia miltiorrhiza & other cardio-protective herbs.*


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