Spotlight on Science: Polygala Tenuifolia Increases BDNF, Reduces Neuroinflammation According to New Study

A Traditional Chinese Remedy Showing Promising Results for Cognitive Health...

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New Product in Stock – Introducing V-Defence 2 Formula

Joining our family of herbal formulas supporting an innate immune response*...

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Cistus incanus Prevents Viruses from Entering Cells – An In Vitro Clinical Study Summary

Cistus incanus (commonly known as rock rose) is a crucial...

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Cistus incanus & Scutellaria baicalensis Kill Lyme Bacteria According to New Study

Seven Herbs Capable of Killing Lyme Bacteria A newly published...

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Supporting Your Cardiovascular Health When Fulfilling New Year Resolutions

Many of us make resolutions and aim to fulfil them...

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