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AcuIntegra’s wellness clinic offer integrative, personalized care based on the principles of energy medicine. We offer therapies such as acupuncture, frequency-specific microcurrent & light therapy as well as functional medicine consultations.

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We offer acupuncture treatments.


Acupuncture involves the insertion of very fine needles at specific points on the body. Traditionally believed to channel energy and life force, it is a common remedy for chronic pain and many other condtions.

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We practice functional medicine.

Functional Medicine Consultations

Starting with a patient-first and holistic approach, functional medicine relies on detailed blood testing and non-pharmaceutical solutions to manage and treat the root causes of many chronic health issues.

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We offer frequency specific microcurrent therapy.

Frequency Specific Microcurrent

By administrating a very small electric current at specific frequencies, this non-invaisve novel therapy utilizes a concept called bioresonance to promote the healing of wounds and recovery from injuries to mention a few.

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We offer near-infrared light therapy.

Light Therapy

Using light at near-infrared frequencies, light therapy (or photobiomodulation) aims to increase the energy production within our cells, thereby supporting the good function of many processes crucial to our health.

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Our Healing Philosophy

We believe that true healing can only be achieved when we get to the true root of a health problem. At it’s core, this happens when a human cell is not being able to produce or hold energy to perform its basic functions such as regeneration, detoxification and production of new cells.

We also recommend a tailored supplementation programme based on plants, botanicals, vitamins & other minerals utilising the principles of Functional and Traditional Chinese Medicine to coach our patients on their way to wellness.

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Based on our over 20 years of clinical experience in our own practices, we have developed our own line of botanical formulas in which ancient wisdom meets the results of today’s science. You can read more about them on their dedicated website.

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