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AcuIntegra’s wellness clinics offer integrative, personalized care based on the principles of energy medicine. We offer therapies such as acupuncture, frequency-specific microcurrent & light therapy as well as functional medicine consultations.

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We believe that true healing can only be achieved when we get to the true root of a health problem. At it’s core, this happens when a human cell is not being able to produce or hold energy to perform its basic functions such as regeneration, detoxification and production of new cells.

We also recommend a tailored supplementation programme based on plants, botanicals, vitamins & other minerals utilising the principles of Functional and Traditional Chinese Medicine to coach our patients on their way to wellness.
Based on our many years of clinical experience in our own practices, we have developed our own line of botanical formulas in which ancient wisdom meets the results of today’s science. You can read more about them on their dedicated website.

Please find more information about our main therapies below.

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture involves the insertion of very fine needles at specific points on the body. While acupuncturists describe the action of the treatment in terms of balancing the body’s energies and life force, modern medical studies have shown that acupuncture has many observable beneficial effects on the body, especially in terms of pain relief.

Acupuncture has been found to increase the secretion of endorphins (the body’s natural pain and stress relievers), calm anxiety, raise levels of immune anti-bodies and white blood cells, improve circulation, and reduce pain levels. The evidence provided by these studies has resulted in acupuncture frequently being incorporated into modern pain management interventions.


Is acupuncture painful?

Most people find that acupuncture sessions are very relaxing, and that they feel very little discomfort, if any at all.

During your acupuncture session, you will lie down on a treatment table, and the acupuncturist will insert thin needles in specific areas of your body that will provide you with the best relief from your pain. You may feel a moment of discomfort when each needle is inserted, but often patients do not feel anything. You will rest for 25 to 45 minutes with the needles in place, to allow for the beneficial effects to take place.

A series of acupuncture sessions is often recommended. Although you may feel a reduction in your pain immediately after your session, you may need to undergo several sessions to feel results. If you receive good results from your initial series of sessions, your doctor may recommend additional sessions to reinforce the outcome.


What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a personalized, systems-oriented model that empowers patients and practitioners to achieve the highest expression of health by working in collaboration to address the underlying causes of disease.

AcuIntegra’s physicians spend time with their patients, listening to their histories, mapping their personal timeline, and looking at the interactions among genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that can influence long-term health and complex chronic disease.

Perhaps you have experienced being examined by your doctor, having blood tests done, x-rays or other diagnostic tests taken, only for your doctor to report back that “all your tests are normal”. Yet, both you and your doctor know that you are unwell.

Unfortunately, this experience is all too common. Our physicians at AcuIntegra aim to reduce this problem by applying a new model that focuses on treating your body as a whole system, that treats the causes not only the symptoms and that sees the body as a whole organism, rather than simply a collection of organs.

This emerging model of diagnosis and treatment – called Functional Medicine better matches the need to improve the management and prevention of chronic diseases.

By changing the traditionally disease-centered focus of medical practice to this patient-centered approach, our physicians are able to support the healing process by viewing health and illness as part of a cycle in which all components of the human biological system interact dynamically with the environment. This process helps to seek and identify genetic, lifestyle, and environmental factors that may shift a person’s health from illness to well-being.

What is Frequency-Specific Microcurrent therapy?

Frequency-Specific Microcurrent (FSM) makes use of very small electric currents to deliver pulses at certain specific frequencies. The frequencies are chosen carefully to resonate with specific tissues.


How does Frequency-Specific Microcurrent therapy work?

The pulses generated by the microcurrent electromagnetically change the configuration in the cell’s membrane protein and the cell function. Crucially, the microcurrent is only effective if it resonates with the cell.

When applied correctly, the microcurrent frequencies induce changes such as dissolving scar tissue cross-links or disassembling viral capsids. Studies have shown that specific microcurrents can increase a cell’s ATP by 500%, protein synthesis by 80%, and also ease amino acid transportation – all key factors in rebuilding damaged tissue.

In practice, the microcurrent is generated by purpose-built therapeutic equipment, ie. TENS/LITE devices and ranges between 10-500 mA. It is administrated to specific parts of the body through conductive materials, like pads or wet towels, applied onto the bare skin.

Simply put: FSM uses very small electric pulses, sent at specific frequency, to switch certain kinds of cells on or off to influence a physiological process.


What conditions could Frequency-Specific Microcurrent be used for?

FSM therapy has been applied to a very wide range of conditions. It can among, many others, be used for:

  • Muscular-skeletal pain relief
  • Stress relief
  • Support against viral infections; and
  • Well-functioning of the cardio-vascular and nervous systems

FSM has also been shown to contain the damage from herpes zoster virus (shingles). On a cellular level, it has been observed to increase the transport of amino acids through tau-membranes.

We warmly welcome you to schedule an appointmentand explore how we can customize a care plan for you.


Is Frequency-Specific Microcurrent Therapy Safe?

Given the microcurrent is used to alter the functionality of cells, will applying the wrong frequency cause unintended or harmful effects? Microcurrent therapy has been practiced over a century and research to date has not observed any major side effects.

The strength of the microcurrent is very small, usually in the range of 10 to 500 mA. Most of the time, it is not felt at all but may sometimes cause a slight, warming sensation.

Our specialty-trained physicians only use the highest-grade therapeutic equipment from reputable manufacturers.


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We encourage you to read more about about Frequency-Specific Microcurrent therapy  and find great educational resources at www.frequency-specific.com.



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What is Light Therapy (Photobiomodulation)?

Light Therapy (photobiomodulation) is a technique utilizing light waves to achieve therapeutic effects. Typically, wave lengths near the red and infrared spectrum are used due to their profound effect on mitochondria.

How does this happen mechanically? A cell’s mitochondria have photoreceptors (in the form of the cytochrome-C-oxidase enzyme), where red and near infrared waves are being absorbed upon exposure. This leads to increased oxygenation and in turn to increased production of energy (synthesis of ATP). In turn, light-sensitive ion channels are activated within the cell, enhancing the cell’s internal processes.



What conditions could Light Therapy be used for?


  • Photobiomodulation therapy has for example been used for:
  • Lower inflammation in fibromyalgia
  • Anti-ageing (enhancing collagen and elastin synthesis)
  • Speeding healing of wounds
  • Enhancing physical performance and muscle recovery
  • Enhancing fat loss
  • Combating chronic fatigue
  • Offsetting Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism


Please contact us to discuss if this treatment would be suitable in your personal circumstances.


Does Light Therapy have any other benefits?


Certain recent studies demonstrate indicate that photobiomodulation can have positive effects for the health of the brain. In particular, it may spurr neurogenesis (renewal of brain cells), strengthen synapses, increase the production of BDNF and thus help prevent cognitive decline. As mentioned above, Light Therapy can have anti-oxidating and vitalising effects. Studies also demonstrate an increased level of antioxidants in the cell when exposed to red or near infrared light.

Observations suggest a transformation of coenzyme CoQ-10 from its inactive (ubiquinone) to its active (ubiquinol) form (CoQ-10 is very important in the cell’s energy production and many diseases can cause its deficiency).

It was initially believed that lasers were needed for photobiomodulation to be efficient. A growing body of research now agrees that any source of light (e.g. LED) generating red and near infrared wavelengths will have a similar effects in the mitochondria, and thus similar therapeutic effects.

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