Mushroom Complex (Healthy Immune System)


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Support for healthy immune system.*

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Mushroom Complex – potent immunobalancing extract of four medicinal mushrooms, standardized to 30%
polysaccharide content.

CORIOLUS VERSICOLOR Vesicolor mushroom extract containing polysaccharide K (PSK),
POLYSACCHARIDE – PEPTIDE (PSP) and VERSICOLOR PEPTIDE (VPS) is known to enhance healthy immune mechanisms. Multiple studies showed that it enhances the cell mediated immune response and support healthy growth of white blood cells. It has significant antioxidant and free radicals scavenging properties.The Journal of Cancer and Immunotherapy shows clinical trials of 111 patients with colorectal cancer using Coriolus Versicolor . The mushroom has significantly enhanced patients white blood cells levels. Clinical studies presented at 2008 European Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology showed Coriolus Versicolor impressive results in fighting HPV virus. The
mushroom application caused 72% regression rate in lesion caused by HPV versus 47,5% without supplementation and 90% regression rate in the high risk HPV virus subtypes versus 8.5% without. 2008 studies presented in the November issue of Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology reprted that PSP from Coriolus Versicolor showed strong ability to to control aberant T lymphocytes activation by ciclosporin -like activity.

CORIOLUS VERSICOLOR contains large quantity of Beta-Glucans which are known to regenerate human body overall immunity.

GRIFOLA FRONDOSA-MIATAKE MUSHROOM extract containing polysaccharide Beta D-Glucan – a unique compound believe to be one of the most powerful enhancers of healthy immune response. Maitake Mushroom has also been shown to promote healthy lipid metabolism in the liver and support cardiovascular health. Maitake Mushroom according to many studies may contain substances that lower blood glucose level, alleviate side effects of chemotherapy, is beneficial in treatment of HIV/Aids, hyperlipidemia and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

GANODERMA LUCIDUM – REISHI MUSHROOM extract promotes optimal immune response and proper enzymatic activity in cells, including liver cells. Polysaccharides in Reishi.  Mushrooms may also support healthy lipid metabolism, are beneficial in fighting viral infections like influenza, astma, bronchitis and chronic fatigue syndrome.1,3 D Glucanin.   Reishi Mushroom raises he amount of Macrophages T cels, compound known as  Canthaxantin founf in Reishi Mushrooms helps to bind immune cell to tumor cells causing them to die. Reishi Mushroom has also diuretic properties and is a good sleep aid.

SHIITAKE MUSHROOM extract containing concentrated source of polysaccharides, Peptidomanan, Lentinan, Eritadenine and Lignin derivatives, factors that provide high capacity immunomodulating support. Shiitake Mushroom may contain many chemical compounds protecting DNA from oxidative damage. Lentinan heal chromosome damage caused by chemotherapy, Eritadenine can be beneficial in lowering cholesterol and balancing cardiovascular health. Scientists in Shizuoka University in Japan discovered that supplementation of Eritadenin significantly decreased plasma cholesterol levels. Shiitake Mushroom contains all 8 essential amino acids and linoleic acid, is beneficial for digestion, food allergies, promotes bone and muscles growth.


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