HericinEx MCT (Memory, Neuro Support & Focus)


100 Capsules

Dietary Supplement


Support for memory and mental focus*

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HERICIUM ERINACEUS 20% polysaccharides extract

aka LIONʼS MANE MUSHROOM                                                                              410mg

POLYGALA TENUIFOLIA 20:1 extract                                                                       80mg

MCT powder                                                                                                             160mg

Powerful combination promoting Neuronal Health and cognition.

Hericium Erinaceus /aka Lionʼs mane mushroom , Yamabushitake mushroom/ is an edible mushroom known to Asians for its many biological activities especially promoting health of neurons in the brain and peripheral nerves.

Recent clinical studies discovered Hericium Erinaceus ability to induce production of Nerve Growth Factor in the brain and peripheral nervous system./ref 1.5/ NGF is one of neurotrophins that plays an important role in protection repair and regeneration of neurons.

Extract from Hericuim Erinaceus support healthy cognition and memory as demonstrated in clinical human studies /ref6/

Hericium Erinaceus extract support healthy neurons by protecting them from oxidative stress, damage from amyloid plaque accumulation and neuronal death./ref 2,7,3/

Hericium Erinaceus provides a significant support in healthy lipid metabolism, glucose regulation and immune system enhancement.

Polygala Tenuifolia extract according to recent clinical studies significantly lowered scopolamine induced cognitive impairment in rats , Polygala Tenuifolia extract (BT11) “ significantly reduced neurotoxicity induced by glutamate and toxic metabolites of APP (amyloid precursor proteins) as A Beta (Amyloid Beta) an C-terminal fragments of APP in primary cultured neurons in rats.”

Pretreatment with Polygala B-11 extract greatly reduced neuronal cells death induced by glutamate. Many clinical studies utilizing Polygala dry root extract has shown significant neuroprotective and cognition enhancing properties. Those new findings suggest that Polygala Tenuifolis exhibits protective action against neuronal death and cognitive decline in Alzheimer disease (AD) and other neurodegenerative diseases caused by neurotoxicity and cholinergic disfunction. /Ref 10,11/

MCT/ Medium ChainTriglycerides / extract from coconut oil , enhances ketones production which is an excellent fuel for the brain cells, supports health and functions of neurons./ Ref 8,9 /


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