Dolorex (Pain Relief)


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Dietary Supplement

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Natural support for pain relief*

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DOLOREX – optimal non addictive analgesic and anti-inflammatory support.

Active ingredients: Rhizoma Corydalis (Yanhuso), Peonia Alba (Baishao) , Shefflera Arboricola , Devilsʼc Claw.

RHIZOMA CORYDALIS (Yanhuso) – known for centuries in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) as a very effective pain treatment and blood circulation enhancing herb. It contains many bioactive alkaloids ; D-corydaline, L-tetrahydropalmitine, Corydalis I, Ltetrahydrocoptisine, L-tetrahydrocolubamine to name a few. The one of the most abundant of them is Tetrahydropalmitine. Tetrahydropalmitine not only acts as a potent pain remedy but according to recent studies may be very effective in treatment of cocaine and heroine addiction.Studies conducted in China by the team of researchers led by Dr Jin Guozhang at Shanghai Medical Institute provided this evidence.L-Tetrahydropalmitine (L-THP) binds to D1 and D2 dopamine receptors and is an antagonist to both of them. L-Tetrahydropalmitine may be an effective tool to reduce drug craving and relapse, promote detoxification and addiction relapse.


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PEONIA ALBA Radix (Baishao) – has been used in China, Korea and Japan to treat rheumatoid arthritis, dysmenorrhea, muscles cramps and spasms, hepatitis and many more inflammatory and pain conditions for more than 1000 years. Water /ethanol extract of Peonia Alba Radix is called Total Glucosides of Peony (TGP). TGP contains over 15 glucosides , the most abandon of then are Peonflorin and Albiflorin. Analgesic effect of TGP was observed in many animal studies. Anti-inflammatory effect of TGP was confirmed in animal in vivo and in vitro studies.TGP inhibited acute and subacute inflammation by suppressing production of Prostaglandin E2, Leukotriene B4 and Nitric Oxide by reducing intracellular calcium ions concentration.


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SHEFFLERA ARBORICOLA– well known in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) as a remedy to promote blood circulation and relieve pain . Shefflera contains variety of pytochemicals including Gammahyhroxybutiric and Fumaric acid , 4 Acetoxy-3,5,4ʻ bibenzyl derivative from Shefflera was effective to inhibit activity of NFKappa B . Modern uses of Shefflera include treatment for rheumatoid arthritis , , numbness, abdominal pain, headaches, arthralgia, sore and swollen throat . It is also known to relieve symptoms of asthma . It can be used externally to treat bleeding and injuries.


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DEVILʼS CLAW ROOT EXTRACT / Harpagophytum procumbens/ Human studies showed that various parts of Devilʼs Claw tuber extract, equivalent to 50-60 mg of harpagoside daily administered for 8-16 weeks significantly improved the clinical picture of subjects with knee and hip Osteoarthritis in terms of pain, movement limitation and joint crepitus /Ref 1,2 / Studies suggests that harpagoside exerts a significant anti-inflammatory effect by inhibiting the inflammatory stimuli mediated by suppressing c-FOS/AP-1 activity in OA chondrocytes under pathological conditions / Ref 3 / In animal studies it in animals with induced bone loss oral administration of harpagide significantly improved recovery of bone mineral density, and architecture of bone Harpagide effectively inhibited the serum levels of biochemical markers of bone loss, including alkaline phosphatase, osteocalcin, C-terminal telopeptide, and tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase., so it may be bioactive compound with potential for improvement of age-dependent bone destruction disease / ref 4/


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